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What's the Story?

The fascination with tea and herbs began at a young age when afternoons were spent having tea parties and playing in the garden making 'potions' with flower petals. 

This fascination turned to obsession when I discovered as I grew older that herbs were not only fun to grow and had a wonderful flavour, but that they also contained healing properties and a myriad of beneficial nutrients.  

After study, I pursued a demanding career, which over time resulted in adrenal fatigue and a list of other symptoms from stress-related Epstein-Barr virus flare-ups.

Wanting a natural solution to my issues and after years of research (and trial and error) I came across Anthony William and absorbed his books, blogs and podcasts. I put in place his protocols, rediscovering my long lost love for herbs (and spices) in the process. 

The results speak for themselves - I am so grateful to have found this information and feel my symptoms healing everyday.

Throughout their healing journey, however, my family and friends sometimes found it difficult to drink the essential healing herbal brews due to the strong and sometimes 'grassy' taste, especially when first starting the protocols.  

I searched for alternatives, that would be more palatable and found very little options that were from organic and ethically farmed sources. What I did find did not contain the exact herbs we needed or were full of fillers, sprayed with flavours or had unnecessary ingredients.

I then embarked on a mission to not only seek out organic herbs and spices from reliable sources but to also blend them to make delicious, healthy, caffeine-free herbal teas that are a joy to drink... and so, Artisane was born.

About Us

Packaging + Storage

Packaging & Storage

Artisane herbs and spices are packaged in environmentally conscious paper bags, lined with foil and heat sealed to ensure you receive the highest quality, freshest tasting tisanes, herbs and spices.  Once you receive your products you can continue to store them in the zip lock bag, however if you wish to decant into a storage container please be mindful of these golden rules:


1. Keep your tisanes and herbs out of the light - a dark or opaque container is ideal and stored in a cupboard is preferred

2. Make sure the container is airtight - tisanes and herbs open to the air oxidise quickly, loosing flavour and potency. Humidity and moisture can also affect the leaves over time.

3.  Avoid heat and keep out of direct sunlight.

Follow these rules and your tea will remain full of flavour and high in nutrients for many months, if not years.  Herbal teas and spices don't actually 'expire' but to ensure you are consuming a tisane with maximum benefits, use prior to the 'best before' date at the base of the packet.

Shipping + Delivery

Shipping & Delivery

Orders are shipped (almost always within 24 hours of receiving order) from Tasmania, Australia. 

We ship all orders with tracking numbers with a Courier or Australia Post. 



 Australia - 3-7 working days from dispatch


Australia - all orders flat rate of $6



If you are not happy with your purchase please contact us at and let us know within 7 days.  Please note, Artisane does not accept 'change of mind' returns, however products may still be returned if they are proven faulty or not fit for purpose.  Please contact us first before returning faulty products.


Wholesale Enquiries

Wholesale Enquiries

If you would like to stock Artisane herbs and spices, please click here to fill out the application form and to for information on the terms or send an email to for further information.



The herb and spice products and information found on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or on any medications.

As a general rule of thumb, due to the interactions of some herbs with medications required for surgery, it is advised to cease all herbal supplements at least a fortnight prior to surgery.  It is recommended you discuss this with your Doctor.  In the event of emergency surgery, please advise your Doctor of any herbal supplements you are taking, including herbal teas.

Artisane Herb + Spice is inspired by the work of New York Times Best Selling Author and Medical Medium, Anthony William. Artisane Herb + Spice is not sponsored, affiliated, funded, endorsed, or in any way associated with the organisation known as Medical Medium, a registered trademark owned by Anthony William, Inc. For more information or to purchase Anthony William's books please visit the Medical Medium Website. The Medical Medium podcasts are a wealth of information, as well as the Facebook and Instagram pages.

We will never share, rent or sell your personal information - this is a safe place ❤

Contact Us

Contact Us

PO Box 44, Mowbray Tas 7248


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