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Getting to know: Burdock Root

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

This medicinal herb has powerful anti-tumor, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties. For centuries now, burdock roots, leaves and flowers have been well-respected for their medicinal and nutritional abilities. The burdock plant stands between 1 and 2 metres when fully grown, and has large leaves that can grow up to 50 centimetres. In the summer and early autumn, the plant bears purple flowers extending away from the plant’s bracts.  

'Burdock root is one of the top recommended herbal remedies for cancer due to the belief that it can stop cancer cells from metastasizing and it is one of the star ingredients of the famous natural cancer remedy known as Essiac tea.' - Anthony William


Burdock root is also highly beneficial to reduce symptoms of colds, flu, sore throats, bronchial congestion, ulcers, gallstones, anemia, kidney stones, chicken pox, gout, measles, strep throat, urinary tract infections, bladder infections, hepatitis, and enlarged prostates.

'Burdock root is an essential blood purifier and detoxifying herb as it can neutralize and safely eliminate poisons and toxins from the body.'  - Anthony William

One of burdock root tea’s earliest uses was for detoxifying the body. It can also help purify the blood, and is known to induce sweating and urination.

If you suffer from chronic skin problems such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, and shingles, burdock root tea is a valuable tool in your healing protocol. It can also help to stimulate metabolism, re-grow hair, strengthen nails, and aid in edema and aid weight loss.

Try using burdock root as an effective painkiller that can help alleviate symptoms of inflammation that affect auto-immune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, bursitis, lupus, and diabetes. 

Burdock root tea is a beverage that does not generally have any side effects, however if you are taking medications and/or prescribed supplements or are pregnant, breastfeeding or have diabetes, consult your health care practitioner before consuming.



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