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Getting to know: Chamomile

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Native to Asia, Europe, Australia and North America, this beautiful flower blossoms and is harvested in early summer. Chamomile contains magnesium, calcium, fluoride, potassium, folate and Vitamin A. Chamomile tea is rich in flavonoids which possess anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties.

Used for thousands of years to promote good health with anitbacterial, antifungal and calming effects, Chamomile is enjoyed by many as an evening drink to help with anxiety, stress and regulate sleep patterns. Chamomile is also a popular solution to ease muscle spasms, migraines and help to relieve sinus congestion.

'Chamomile tea has other significant healing properties such as the ability to soothe a disturbed digestive system by easing flatulence, stomach aches, ulcers, and cramping and by assisting in overall digestion and elimination' - Anthony William

Up your detoxing game by including some chamomile tea into your routine. This herb is known to be of great benefit to the liver and kidneys, assisting them to purge out toxins and cleanse the system.

'Chamomile tea’s anti-inflammatory properties makes it beneficial for helping to reduce swelling associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other auto-immune diseases' - Anthony William

While chamomile tea is most commonly consumed as a beverage, the liquid can also be topically applied in certain cases for a relief from various skin issues. To treat skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema, chamomile is generally used in a bath or an infusion,

'Chamomile tea is an excellent remedy for children as it can calm colicky infants and teething babies as well as soothe children that are irritable, cranky, and restless' - Anthony William

While chamomile tea is enjoyed by many with no negative effects, it should be avoided by pregnant women as it may act as a uterine stimulant. If you are taking medications and/or prescribed supplements consult you health care practitioner before consuming.



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